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Over the years I met with women in mid-life, which are coming for personal coaching, to correct patterns of their world and / or to change something in the mosaic of life. In this anxiety turns it in a very visible and hidden anxiety in this critical under excessive pedantry, holding control and other such patterns and others threatened to “mink” her (in her words).

Sometimes we hold the story we tell ourselves and take care network it, paint it and build around him decor. This story takes up enormous dimensions, reflects on life, our choices in life, the person who is with us there alive, to us and around us.

What Happens often is that when something “breaks”, when trigger internal work, introspection and ask questions, including In fact, the question mark is inside … so basically a process of “crushing” personal story. Cracked wall laboriously constructed around the heart, and gravity on it. Physiology, tissue surrounding the heart call pericardium. Chinese medicine, for example, recognize cases of gastrointestinal disorders, for example, against the background of mind and heart then the treatment will be done through Maridian pericardium, which help us get rid of hemorrhoids and calm the mind after that.

This wall, That will built in order not to fulfill our dreams  …. and very justified only when coming out of the situation, as can be in and out of the situation at the same time, you can see what’s really going on? cold? why….?

And find forgiveness, to empathize with the mother.


This is the moment to bring emotion into action, to repair. How much it excites me and broadens my heart, when I see the changes

In relation to the mother and then the inner feeling, inner confidence, boldly reflected power to do things, who had been afraid even to think about, posture, and all eyes sparkle everyday conduct.

This blog yesterday signed a personal note, my mother and in the meantime I received an email this morning sharing exciting me change and the feelings that came to the same tokens to echo and I have brought him here with slight variations and pseudonyms: