Did you hear about the Konjac plant?

Are there solutions to obesity in Chinese medicine? Konjac plant shown to improve metabolism and may help in weight loss. There are no magic weight loss but definitely has something to learn from experience and knowledge of alternative medicine theories about plants that help in the process. Western medicine treats especially dual Far Eastern medicine secrets. Dr. Osnat Raziel explains to you why you should sometimes find open-mindedness for dietary supplements derived from ancient teachings. And this time, Konjac plant.

Konjac plant – and his full name, Amorphophallus konjac – has been used as a medicinal herb for generations throughout China, Japan and Southeast Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine grind into powder plant the bulb and make it smell gel treatments for a variety of different medical conditions: stagnation of blood flow, tumor growth, excess mucus and more.

Expropriation itself is used for more than 2,000 years to treat asthma, cough, hiatal hernia, chest pain, heartburn, blood diseases and skin diseases. About the plant’s direct contribution to resolving these situations, have to rely on more based studies, but the fact is that this plant, consumed and also sold as a nutritional supplement in the country, relies on many years of reputation of Chinese medicine.

Recently, data began to accumulate that Konjac can also help improve the metabolism of the human body. Improvement in the colon, contributing to lowering blood cholesterol and improved sense Hsova- simple secret, rich in fiber Konjac many high contents of which it is reasonable to assume that these in turn, like all rich dietary fiber also help a feeling of fullness, which helps monitor levels sugar in the body.

Known to be rich in dietary fiber provide many benefits to our diet. Adults and children diet contains these fibers not only enjoy the feeling of satiety but also other benefits attributed to the plant Konjac: Chinese medicine also views it as a shield against heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity as well as protection against bowel disease.

Has been known that the addition of dietary fiber increases the efficiency of insulin response to sugar in diabetic patients and healthy people alike, and significantly improves the rate of weight loss due to satiety and digestion time it takes for the human body to break down the fiber rich. In many studies carried out on weight loss diets have been proven positive impact of these fibers.

But the contribution of the Konjac plant rich in fiber is not only with the help of dieting but it can be detected for some of us to break out in the process of weight loss as well as a nutritional supplement that can in some cases reduce the risk of obesity by up to 30%.

Be abundant in fiber foods have a longer effect on satiety, so they also help in weight loss. Many studies conducted on the subject over the years and all of them immigrants from the same data: a sense of overcoming this week when we add fiber. Consider as an example the feeling of fullness after drinking apple juice clear, no fiber, no juice cleaned compared to natural fibers apple. In both cases, the juice contained 60 grams of carbohydrates, but the report on satiety, was quite different. Physiological explanation is more complex: more than 20 hormones secreted from the intestine and signaling feelings of fullness or hunger like, but the presence of the fibers is that manipulate them, the presence of a nutritional supplement high nutritional values and the presence of fiber may well be one of the reasons for this.

Konjac is a nutritional supplement benefits can certainly assist you in the process of losing weight and keeping it, it does not offer quick fixes and, like dietary supplements many, effectiveness without effort on your part to maintain a balanced diet and sports may be marginal, but if you are serious and committed to the process of decline weight, Konjac, like other nutritional supplements can definitely “work” for you, too.